2 thoughts on “Janice Griffith Hard Fuck Video Over Looking The Beach!”

  1. Carter says:

    Needed to let Janice know, there is someone at THIS facebook page, purporting to be Janice,
    (the facebook page ….SexyJaniceGriffith )
    is IMing me, and probably others, hitting me up for $1200, SS#, name, address, etc., as if to pay a courier to transport “a briefcase containing $438,000” to me for safekeeping “without management’s knowledge” etc., etc., and then saying she’ll come get it and pay me back, plus more. It sounds like a classic scam attempt. FYI. Not from the official Janice facebook page, although the page has Janice’s photos, etc.

    1. webmaster says:

      Never give money our or any info to anybody, you are being scammed, please use common sense, do not fall for scams like that.

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